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We have been working in the massage business for over 5 years. Our many years delivering mind-blowing sensual massage experiences has allowed us to tweak our sessions with just the right combination of elements - from starting with a lovely full body massage.


Every day we surprise and enchant our clients in our amazing sensual and tantra massage sessions. Let our stunning girls and gents take you on a voyage where pure sensuality is both the journey and the destination. Sensual, erotic and tantra.

Pleasure massages are touching and seductive. Thanks to the combination of a full body massage and erotic hands using the best of the sensual delights of Pleasure.

Body and soul
Body and soul are inseparably linked, and only when we indulge in a massage, when your body can relax fully, your soul is also very quickly appeased. In hectic times between stress at work and everyday life, an indulgent sensual massage is the perfect means to find peace and sensuality.

Bookings must be made at least 2 HOURS ahead of the required booking time to ensure that we are able to provide you with your chosen goddess and the perfect level of service. Residential bookings require 1 DAY advance notice please.
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We cater for sensual and tantra massage for men, women and for couples.

Your goddess will arrive alone, professionally dressed and exercise the utmost discretion. At no time will she discuss the purpose of her visit with anybody.
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The sense of touch is a central part of the human condition and is known as one of the earliest forms of communication. Being touched by another person is accepted by both our neurology and physiology, but has the most profound effect on our psychology. Human intimacy goes hand in hand with affection, love and closeness, and all of these components are vital when it comes to bonding with others. Creating relationships with other people is paramount to our survival, but feeling cared for and loved is vital for our happiness. This is where sensual massages come into the picture.


Why are they sexual?

Sensual massages incorporate gentle, loving touch with sexual stimulation to create a beautiful hybrid of pleasure. Sensual massages are designed to gradually build arousal, but also endeavour to prolong pleasure by purposefully delaying orgasms.

Massage Prices

30 min

Sensual - N20,000

Tantra - N40,000

60 min

Sensual - N30,000

Tantra - N60,000

90 min

Sensual - N50,000

Tantra - N100,000

Sensual And Tantra Massage

Sensual massage

Fundamentally, sensual messages aim to encourage a holistic release, whether it be mentally, physically or spiritually, and the existent of all three actually complement one another. Whether you’re searching for the ultimate relaxing experience or just want one hell of an orgasm, Sensual massages do not disappoint. If you’re in Lagos, Abuja, PH or plan on visiting soon, then click BOOK NOW below and make your booking today.

Tantra Massage

What is Tantra?
Tantra is a practice that is there to enlighten and enable; to enlighten our lives through accessing the real, inner person within and enabling – through the use of touch and breathing, massage and other techniques – us to lead fulfilling and enlightened lives, and to use our potential to the full. When you engage in Tantra practices with us, you will do so with the guidance of a Therapist, or Tantra therapist.